Orangeville, ON (My Corner Office) Front-page story in a local paper: The public library eliminated late fines. What usual fee can you abolish to become newsworthy?

A police department identified 20 “hot spots” where people were in danger when crossing train tracks. What metaphorical “hot spots” can you identify and publicize using your expertise?

A burger joint had been serving vegan “Impossible Burgers” for a year. Their supply cut off around the time the meatless wonders debuted in Burger King restaurants. Is there a hidden downside of a popular trend that you have experienced?

I hope you’ve gotten the idea. Publicity hooks are everywhere. You must start reading and listening with that concept in mind. Watch when a news story or meme that’s gone viral on social media catches your attention. Take a moment to think. What about the item made it stand out of the everyday stream of happenings? Identify the underlying theme.

Flesh out that bare-bones concept with your own story. Present it with some flair to your existing audience or a wider one. Chances are it catches on!