Choosing the Right Advisor

Orangeville, ON (My Corner Office) Need advice on reaching a goal? You should find someone with broad experience in the field in which you’re working. But sometimes you’re not sure what you want or how to make a momentous yet hazy life or business decision. In that case, you need an advisor who is wise.

Most wise advisors are middle-aged or older, with broad experience of life. They are good listeners, skilled at looking beyond the obvious. They are confident, yet not arrogant, and grounded in reality. They should have values you respect. They help you become clear on the route that represents your best interest.

If you’re hunting for a wise advisor, you need to be careful. Be alert for signs of a big ego. This can include oversized or excessive photos of themselves on their website. Are their blog posts oracular or rigid? Does their marketing tout them with improbable superlatives?

As with the proverbial sage in a mountain cave, expect their marketing to be low key. You may need to ask around to find them. Make sure that the people you ask themselves have some qualities I listed above as wise.

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