3 Small Savings Sources You Haven’t Thought Of

(NC) With so many of us looking for ways to save a buck and make our dollars go further, here are a few lesser-known savings sources worth taking advantage of.

No-fee accounts
With interest rates so low, that high-interest savings account isn’t likely to net much over the coming months or years. Add banking fees to the equation and it’s possible you’re losing money. No-fee accounts are widely available from Canadian banks, credit unions and even retailers, and while you won’t see a credit on your statements, you may keep a lot in savings.

Automated bill payment
A single missed bill payment can not only cost you in interest, but may even impact your credit score. Banks and credit cards have plenty of options for setting up automated or pre-authorized bill payments to make sure you never miss a single one. Just remember to keep an eye on the account you’re paying from and maintain enough float to cover your costs.

Accounts that offer points
Points cards that let you earn on everyday items are perfect for anyone looking to get more for their money. While we typically associate points with credit cards, there’s also an option for anyone who’d rather not spend on credit. The PC Money Account offers rewards on every dollar spent anywhere you shop and even gives points for bill payments too.

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