Keep Your About Page Credible

Orangeville, ON (My Corner Office) On website About pages, you sometimes see narratives bursting with passion for a mission. There are also dramatic stories about the founder’s personal experiences. But this page must also address two crucial questions in the mind of the potential client:

  • Are you in fact good at what you do?
  • And can I count on you to deliver as promised?

If the bio doesn’t include credentials then you have a trustworthiness gap. An About page needs more than enthusiasm and a personal backstory. It should provide external indicators of competence and reliability. These include:

  • Testimonials from named people about quality and reliability
  • Results statistics, public ratings, awards, licenses, certifications, third-party verifications
  • Positive media coverage
  • Client list, when that would be impressive
  • Links to case studies
  • Photos that corroborate claims, imply authenticity, or prove results
  • A factual rather than boastful or exaggerated tone

These elements show you’re not an untested blowhard, but someone deserving of trust.

Use conversational, approachable wording instead of corporate-speak on your About page. Add interesting details that show how you’re distinctive.

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