Stay Involved in Scale Modelling

Orangeville, ON (James Doan) The goal of any model building project is to make as accurate a representation of the original subject as possible. Since you will base your model on a genuine artifact or a proposed design, the mark of success of your endeavour will be determined by the degree to which you can build a model with nearly all the features of its subject.

Keeping your interest in the hobby requires that you continue to develop your skills. The best way is to attend model shows or contests. You do not have to enter a model, but there is no reason you shouldn’t either. The cost of attending or even entering a show is reasonable. You will view the work of many other modellers in a cordial setting. Take the time to examine models of subjects you rarely build yourself. Let the other modellers explain their techniques and share your own expertise with them. The modellers who attend shows are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. They are always happy to talk about their projects.

By sharing knowledge with others, you will work on developing your modelling techniques. You will pick up countless tips that will help you properly use the new tools and materials you will look forward to applying to future projects. Repeated practice will let you develop the skills you need to apply the techniques. Be patient as you try different techniques. You may find that you will have to take extra effort to master some more advanced procedures.

When you have mastered a certain modelling tip, submit an article for publication on our website. If you don’t feel comfortable writing for publication because of fears of rejection, inexperience with writing, or the belief that you have nothing of interest to say, remember the reaction you had to reading an article yourself and thinking “I could build this,” or “That’s a great idea!” Your ideas and experiences are worth sharing.

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