How COVID-19 Alters Your Marketing Message

Orangeville, ON (My Corner Office) The global branding firm Forsman & Bodenfors has issued a useful analysis of eight significant cultural shifts sparked by the COVID-19 pandemic. As you read, think about how each factor might affect the impact of your marketing messages.

  1. Frugality vs. consumption: People want things to last longer but also want to fill a void in their lives.
  2. Meaningfulness: With so much closed down, we’re confused about how to fill our days.
  3. Tech matters: Users appreciate high-tech solutions that truly connect us.
  4. Business practices spotlight: Do companies support the causes that folks care about right now?
  5. Agenda: Which businesses have the best interest of the public in mind, and which only focus on making a buck?
  6. Community: For many, there’s keen interest in supporting those around them.
  7. Relationships: We’re re-testing friendships, marriages, and more.
  8. Self-care: Isolation spurs self-improvement, joy and a search for wellness.

The full report, a free download available at the link below, includes examples of campaigns from brands like Volvo, Seagram’s, Tinder, Lego and eBay addressing those themes.

The PDF is available at:

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