Show Your Customers That You Care

Orangeville, ON (My Corner Office) Think about this statement by Michael Brenner, CEO of Marketing Insider Group.

“Empathetic marketing is all about helping, not selling. It’s about marketing to real people. Having conversations with your customers. And looking at what you can do with your business, your products and your content marketing, to make their lives better.”

The approach seems especially relevant in an environment of fear, pain and uncertainty. Don’t shout, beat your chest, posture, or try to entertain your way to a sale. Discuss how you may be of service. It’s even better when the empathy involves welcome adjustments, not mere sweet talk.

Show empathy in your messaging. Explain the concrete steps you are taking to make your service or product better. Then carry out those mitigating policies and procedures.

Consider the pandemic, economic chaos or other circumstances. What are your customers most anxious about now? How can you reassure them, not with words but with actions?

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