Thoughts on Audio Marketing

Orangeville, ON (My Corner Office) The pandemic seems to have sped up the use of multimedia in marketing and business communication. So now would be a perfect time to listen to Scott Greggory about audio logos – snippets of music, voice or sound effects that identify and brand a company.

“Just two or three seconds long, audio logos can be used anywhere sound can be played: in broadcast media, on websites, in on-hold marketing or online videos, with apps or podcasts, audiobooks, e-learning and more,” says Greggory, Chief Creative Officer of BusinessVoice.

With repetition, customers associate them with the brand, “producing an almost Pavlovian response,” he adds. “Think of the excitement you feel hearing the Netflix audio logo, knowing that your favourite show is about to begin.”

From the BusinessVoice blog:

  • In the U.S., 75 percent of the top audio 20 logos feature a melody (something that can be sung versus a tone, sound effect or spoken words).
  • Audio logos with a melody get better results than non-melody ones.
  • Audio logos incorporating the brand name spark five times more brand recall than those with just music or sounds.

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