Defining Customer Service

Mono, ON (Adam Jones) In these days of competitive markets, the business that excels at customer service is the one that will not only maintain their position, but grow. You could answer the question “What is Customer service” by saying that it is about “exceeding” the expectations of the client, not just “satisfying” them. This is not just about the product or service that you are selling; it’s about looking after the people buying them from you too.

Having a great product must be the first step. Everybody likes quality. Competitive pricing with other similar products is even better. If you make the product yourself, see what you can do to enhance how it performs, what it’s made from, how it compares with others. If you can make the product the best there is within the price range, customers will not only buy from you, but they will recommend others to buy from you too.

So, you have a great product, and your client base is growing. How are your before and after sales service doing? Few people think about how they sell the product, but it is still literally serving the customer. How many of us have put the phone down on someone who has been cold calling you to sell goods?

Cold calling and pressure sales are two areas that have given selling a bad name, particularly if they are persistent, repetitive and obviously so desperate to make a sale that they become aggressive. This is most definitely not what is customer service. Most of us would prefer to do our own market research when looking to buy something, and the Internet has made it all so much easier. If you want to build your client base, having a website is now essential rather than an optional extra. Customers can look at the product, find out more about it, and then contact you if they are interested. If they register with your site, you can build a list of potential customers too, to contact them again at a later date.

It might seem, from what I write above, that there is no place for person to person selling any more. Quite the opposite is the case, from the research I have done, it would appear that most customers would welcome speaking to someone who is knowledgeable about the product (that’s the important bit!) and can resolve any problems quickly. Call centres in India might be cheaper to run than local ones, but do the operators understand what the product is. Do they even want to?

With the best will in the world, things can go wrong. For example, there could be a faulty batch manufactured, or if you are offering a service someone cannot turn up to an appointment. Complaints come in and you can either stick your head in the sand and ignore it or you can admit the mistake and try to rectify the situation to everyone’s satisfaction. Excellent customer service will always take the second route. Why? Because by dealing with a problem quickly and efficiently, that customer goes away happy and will tell his friends what a good organisation you are. Ignoring problems or just not resolving them quickly and satisfactorily really annoys customers and they won’t recommend you to others. According to one survey, 68% of customers will leave a supplier if they encounter an attitude of indifference.

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