Orangeville, ON (My Corner Office) Budding consultants and new service providers often make a basic mistake. Too often they follow the idea that they’ll have an easier launch if they select a niche of customers to go after. The problem arises when they have to turn away those outside the niche who are willing to pay.

What can result is a disjointed marketing plan. They develop pitches to a defined subgroup of customers. At the same time they try to welcome one and all. This dissuades those who’d rather do business with a specialist.

Even experienced business people can get caught in this issue. Someone advertises in a trade magazine as “Orangeville’s trusted expert for 3-stage widgets”. He invites inquiries on how to size, select and install the proper widget. Yet, his website contains no link, blog content or branding phrases related to these topics.

One solution is to develop a unique landing page marketing your niche. Highlight your special point of view and credentials. Send niche traffic there, and general traffic to a general homepage. As an alternative, if research indicates an adequate market for a narrow focus, build your entire brand identity around that.