Keep a Journal for Your Modelling Projects

Orangeville, ON (James Doan) A lot of potential problems can be avoided if you remember that it is important to resist the impulse to buy every model you see on each trip to your local hobby shop. By simply taking the time to plan which modelling projects you intend to construct, the odds of actually completing them is increased.

With a little foresight and a bit of research, you can easily decide what your project deems essential. Then you will know how much you need to spend, and be more able to keep your expenses in control.

For each project you set up, you should set a realistic budget. Plan for which accessories and aftermarket parts you will require. A thorough inspection of your spare parts inventory can often allow you to save on unnecessary purchases.

If your current budget limits you to a certain amount, you will be better able to stay within your limit by eliminating wasteful spending. Keeping to your budget will allow you to complete a project without having to sit with a half finished model until you find some extra money.

To enhance your modelling experience you can record the date, the details of each item you buy and the price you paid in a journal or notebook, as you prepare for the initial construction phase. Then as you begin your construct, you can record details of your work and even add a few photos to detail your descriptions.

At a future point, if you want to compare a technique against a previous effort, you will have a reliable reference. A well maintained journal is also a great way to record your progress. Keep additional pictures of club meetings, models shows and other events along with your personal work. You can even comment on any issues or milestones.


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