Set Goals for Success

Orangeville, ON (My Corner Office) For goals to be met and accomplished, they need to be created effectively. The way that you set goals, affects their effectiveness. There are some easily understood guidelines to follow, when setting goals.

First, always be positive when setting your goals.

Second, be specific. Set a goal, incorporating dates, times and certain details. You can then measure your achievements. You know the final goal you need to achieve. You can take pride when you have achieved the goal.

Next, be sure to create priorities. Whenever you have several goals, give each a level of importance. This will keep you from feeling overwhelmed by too many goals. It will also help you direct your focus on the more normal – real life goals. Be sure to always write down your goals. This will help you avoid any confusion. The smaller the goals are, the more achievable they are. If the goal is too great, you can quickly become overwhelmed, setting yourself up for failure.

On many occasions people will set their goals lower, so as to avoid failure. As you achieve your goals, your self-confidence should increase. This will help you make larger goals. Remember that failure can be positive. It can show you the areas you need to improve your skills and performance.

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