Orangeville, ON (My Corner Office) The first sign that you should be investigating new marketing strategies is a marked decline in the effectiveness of your current advertisement campaign. At some point your advertising dollars will cease to attract your existing target market. You should never wait until your profits are in decline before you start to consider new marketing strategies.

Constantly be on the lookout for the next successful marketing strategy. The speed at which your local marketplace can change is, in fact, a terrific opportunity for you to test a range of new and distinctive advertising mediums. Don’t be afraid to experiment until you discover the next one that will give you the marketing edge over your competition.

An established guideline for most business’ advertising is to set aside about 80 percent of your proposed advertising budget in the more traditional areas that have been proven to provide a steady flow of profit, and then allow yourself to spend the remaining 20 percent in new and innovative ways that will attract potential customers to your business.