Door Closers in Dufferin County

Orangeville, ON (Harold Doan and Sons Ltd.) Given the range of weather conditions in Dufferin County, it is important to have properly working door closers on your wood or metal doors in all types of buildings. This will assure security, help to meet fire codes and even conserve energy. Consider these factors when planning the installation or replacement of your door closers:

Proper Mounting
Typically all closers are mounted one of three different ways: hinge face of door (pull side), over door on transom (push side) or stop face of door (push side, parallel arm). Determining the best placement will allow the closer to operate with optimum efficiency. For interior doors, closers generally can be mounted on either side of the door, but on exterior doors it is preferred to install them on the inside of the door (pull side for in-swinging doors, push side for out-swinging doors). They should be mounted to allow proper degree of opening without overstressing the closer. In most instances the closer can be mounted with standard screws or bolts, but in severe use locations it is advisable to use barrel bolts (sex bolts).

One of the main functions of a closer is to control the speed of opening and closing of the door. The ease and speed of the opening is controlled by adjusting the backcheck setting. Proper backcheck setting will prevent the door from being caught by a gust of wind and opening too quickly. Similarly by adjusting the sweep setting you can control how quickly the door closes. Finally, the latching setting will prevent the door from slamming shut during the last stage of closing.

On exterior doors, the range of temperature between winter and summer can affect the hydraulic fluid which is used to control the opening and closing speeds. A quality closer will use a grade of fluid that keeps the closer operating consistently in a wide range of temperatures.

For new installations, adjustment, repair or replacement – call us. We’ll find a secure solution to your door closer problems.

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