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Orangeville, ON (Harold Doan and Sons Ltd.) While door hardware and security isn’t the most glamorous topic, it is our goal to get it promoted to the “Useful and Necessary” category. Certainly, as a homeowner or businessperson, the proper selection and maintenance of your doors and locks should be of concern.

If you move into a new home or business location and do not re-key the locks, you could set yourself up for an easy break-in. Previous occupants may have given away spare keys to friends and family, that they didn’t bother to get back before they moved. Can you imagine just how many keys there would be out if the building had three owners or possibly multiple tenants that never had the locks re-keyed?

Replace or Upgrade Door Hardware
When you are considering new lock hardware for your home or commercial establishment, know that there are different grades of hardware. Most residential door hardware is rated Grade 3. They function well enough, but are not usually strong enough to resist a criminal breaking in.

Grade 2 hardware is a heavier and more costly, but withstands heavy use and a greater level of physical abuse. Grade 2 is considered a heavy duty residential or a lighter duty commercial.

Grade 1 is the most robust and costly commercial type lock hardware. It is much heavier and designed for a variety of functions such as storeroom, classroom, office, entry, or vestibule.

Install Deadbolts
Many older homes still rely on just a key in knob lock for their security. Unfortunately, in today’s world of high levels of house break-ins, a deadbolt installation is imperative for protecting your family and property. Make your home safe and protect your property by having us install deadbolts on your entry doors. We can key the new locks to match your existing hardware or re-key your existing locks to a new key.

Because of their versatility, padlocks, properly matched, and installed for the job you want them to perform, can frequently solve the trickiest security problem for you. And, with padlocks, you can frequently resolve those problems at a fraction of the cost of other security hardware. Padlocks come in a variety of sizes, strengths, and designs to fill a multitude of security requirements. Padlock use is as varied as your needs and padlocks are portable. Which means you can safely secure whatever you need wherever it is located. Talk about convenience!

A master-key allows management, maintenance and security personnel to carry a single key to access designated groups of doors (or the entire building) while keys issued to non-management employees will open only single doors. Should you master-key? That’s a decision you should make after a careful analysis of your requirements. We can help you design, implement, and monitor a master-key system that won’t give you nightmares. How’s that for convenience?

We are pleased to provide a needed service to the community. This has been confirmed by the loyalty of our clients who have dealt with us over the years. We can help you find the simplest, and frequently, the most economical security solutions that are truly effective.

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