Orangeville, ON (My Corner Office) A sticker labelled “Staff Pick” can draw a potential customer in to inspect. They will reason that if those who deal with this stock day in and day out have particular affection for this item, it merits their attention.

When you have a lengthy lineup of products or services, the usual practice is simply to highlight what’s new. Online, you will also see headings like “Top Seller” or “Most Popular.” However, as the “Staff Pick” banner illustrates, there are many other phrases that can promote older and unjustly ignored items and services. These include:

* Start here

* From the archives – or “Oldie but Goodie”

* Worth a look!

* Insiders’ pick

* Best value

* Top-rated

* Especially for Moms / Skiers / New Cooks / Beach Days

* Limited stock

* _____ of the Month

Or, every so often highlight an overlooked offering with a customer success story or the tale of how it came to be.

You needn’t cut the price when doing any of this. Assuming you’ve described and pictured well what you’re selling, you’re effectively additional human interest.