Lavender Varieties

Orangeville, ON (James Doan)

English Lavender forms a rounded mound that’s roughly 24 to 36 inches tall and wide when plants are mature. These fragrant perennials are hardy in Zones 5 to 10 and have a sunny disposition. Give them a spot in full sun for best flowering. The plants prefer well-drained soil year-round, especially in winter. Poorly draining winter soils quickly kill English lavender. Soil should also be alkaline. 

Platinum Border Lavender the contrasting variegated foliage makes this focal point even stronger. It’s compact size provides a lot of look for a little footprint and is handy in container gardening. Lavender is easy to grow in a pot, because you can control its soil type more easily. But if you can supply sharply draining, gritty garden soil, Platinum Blonde is a great low hedge, too. The heady scent wafting from these blooms will give your garden a relaxing atmosphere from midsummer to early fall.

French Lavender pairs pretty, toothed, gray-green leaves with traditional purple lavender-style blooms. True French lavender lacks the rich perfume of English lavender, but does have a pleasant, clean aroma. ‘Provence’ lavender is often assumed to be a type of French lavender, but it’s actually a lavandin, or English lavender hybrid.  

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