Manax Plumbing Celebrates 50+ Years of Growth and Success

Shelburne, ON (PRWeb) Manax, Southern Ontario’s plumbing experts, celebrate 50+ years of growth and success. What started in 1965 as a plumbing company has expanded to include well pump service, water treatment and installation services, water tank services and repair, drain cleaning, emergency plumbing services, and more.

Not only has Manax expanded its service offerings, they have also expanded their service area to include a large portion of Southern Ontario bordered by Brampton North, Markdale, Schomberg and Grand Valley.

Manax’s success has not gone unnoticed. The Manax team has won the Orangeville Reader’s Choice award nine consecutive times for best plumbing company in the area.

The secret to success for Manax has been their focus on customers and their dedication to quality plumbing services. As a family owned and operated business, Manax builds relationships with customers, and does so with integrity, respect and expertise. Manax does not see dollar signs when a customer calls for help. Their priority is to understand the issue at hand and go the extra mile to help solve the problem. They even provide basic plumbing information, tips and tricks on their social media channels to educate and help others at no cost.

This mindset sets Manax apart from the crowd. Manax is not listed on the home improvement databases, and does not pay for media coverage, because they don’t have to – word of mouth is their referral stream, and it is incredibly successful.

Upon celebrating their 50+ year milestone, the Manax team looks ahead, projecting continued growth and expansion in the years to come. Recent initiatives include a partnership with Pure Water Canada to expand services and meet the evolving needs of customers and residents, and opening an office in Fergus so the team can now easily serve Elora, Marsville, Georgetown, Guelph and surrounding areas.

More about Manax:
Founded by the late Alexander Giger Sr. in 1965, Manax is a family owned and operated plumbing service provider in Southern Ontario. Alexander Giger Jr. now manages the Manax team, and their focus on customers and quality service has never faltered. Alexander’s business philosophy is to “do it right, every time,” and the Manax team does.

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