An Investment That Pays Off

Orangeville, ON (James Doan) It has always been a point that gives me an inner smile, but even after many years of model building I still get nearly as much enjoyment from researching a new project as I do from the actual construction. By taking a little time at the start of a project learning something about the model’s subject, I often make significant decisions about the way I will build my model. In any event, the knowledge I gain can also potentially be of benefit on future constructions.

The anticipation of getting ready to build a new model is still one of the best values for the money spent. For the cost of a basic kit, some paint, glue and brushes, you can provide yourself with an entertainment that can last anywhere from a couple of evenings up to possibly a month or more. If you add in the fellowship of meeting with other modellers in a club or show setting and you can exponentially increase the value of your investment.

These days it is all too easy to collapse in the chair in front of the television when you get home from work and let the electronic images provide your entertainment. For a more rewarding pastime, you still will be hard pressed to come up with anything that can really compare with getting out the glue, craft knife and your latest kit for an evening of personal creativity.

If you build in order to display your work, whether for family, friends or other club members, you will be able to share your enthusiasm with them. Your family can offer an appreciative audience for you without necessarily sharing your level of interest. Your friends probably limit their interest to models of subjects with which they are familiar. It is in the venue of a local model club that your special modelling techniques and the ingenuity of your unique variation on a common modelling subject will truly find its best audience.

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