Spend a Care-free Summer with these Bike Safety Tips

(NC) Many of us have started thinking about dusting off our bikes to get back on the road. And while biking comes with a host of benefits, including physical activity and a greener method of transportation, there are certain risks bikers need to know.

Here are a few tips to keep bike safety top of mind:

Protect your head. Make sure you have a helmet that’s appropriate for how you use your bike and that fits properly. Bike shops will help outfit you correctly.

Get a proper bike fit. Having a bike set up to fit your body will make riding much easier and more efficient and cause less pain or soreness.

Know the rules. Ride with traffic and obey all road signs. Closely watch all cars in front of you so you can anticipate what they are going to do and use appropriate hand signals for turns when sharing the road with cars.

Beyond the streets. Bike safety needs to stay top-of-mind even when your bike is not on the road. When keeping your bike locked away for winter or day-to-day storage, it is important to keep your bike protected in the event of theft or property destruction.

Did you know that your bicycle could be covered by home insurance? Check your home or tenant insurance to make sure your bike is protected and if it falls under a limit. Insurance providers such as Belairdirect can make sure your home and tenant insurance policies cover your bike in the event of theft. Find more information at belairdirect.com.

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