Identify Who to Market to

Orangeville, ON (James Doan) For any small business, it is important to determine precisely who you will be marketing your services or products to. An efficient business should not waste time or money trying to market to everyone.

You must choose a target market that is potentially the best prospect for your business.

There are many small business owners who will resist focusing on one primary group of clients. They feel that their business should be promoted to everyone. They are convinced that in order to grow their business, they need to market to more people.

In fact the opposite is true. By narrowing the focus to a specific group of customers, it is possible to become an expert in solving their specific problems. Familiarity with their needs allows development of additional products and services to serve them better.

You can decide who to market to by following these 5 tips:

1) Think about the type of people who can MOST benefit from what you have to offer.

2) Think about who you would most enjoy helping, or working with.

3) Think about the type of people who will be easiest to reach, AND who will be most receptive to what you are selling. These will be people who KNOW they have THE problem you can solve and are LOOKING for a solution.

4) Know that just because you select a particular group of people to focus your marketing on, does NOT mean you can’t help others who may come to you. It only means you’re going to focus your proactive marketing efforts on the target group you select.

5) Don’t over-think it. Pick a group you feel you can really help and proceed with the development of your marketing plan. Marketing is a fluid process. The important thing is to start. You can always refine your audience and your plan later as you learn more.

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