Setting Up a Modelling Work Area

Orangeville, ON (James Doan) Regardless of what type of modelling you plan to pursue, you will require somewhere to work. If you do not have a room of your own, you will have to find a location where you can at least have a table or working surface. It is essential to be able to leave a model where you can work on it in stages without having the annoyance of packing it away and ferreting it out again each time you want to do even a little work.

1. If you don’t have a table, you can make a modelling tray which will act as a portable work surface. You can variously use a sheet of rigid hardboard, laminate or sturdy cardboard to make your tray. Ideally, there should be a raised edge to contain small parts and keep your project from rolling off.

2. When working, make sure the height of your work surface and your chair are such that you can work in a comfortable posture. Hunching over as you work can lead to painful incidents when you finally stand.

3. You must also have proper and adequate light to work. A positionable desk lamp that you can adjust to pool light where you need it will ease eye strain. Overhead room light is not sufficient. If you set your bench up near a window, you can take advantage of daylight to brighten your work area.

4. Once you have established your bench, keep all your necessary tools and accessories in one box so you have ready access to them.

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