Try These Natural Ways to Control Allergies

Orangeville, ON (My Corner Office) For many people, allergies are a seasonal inconvenience. In some cases, taking medication can help with allergies. You can also take other steps to help prevent allergy symptoms.

Shut out breezes.
The weather may be gorgeous outside. If the pollen count is up, you should keep your doors and windows closed to maintain good air quality inside. It may also be a good idea to install a HEPA filter on your AC system.

Wash regularly.
Every time you come inside from being outside your home, you bring along small parts of the outside world. After you are outside, your skin, hair, shoes and clothes are all covered with small particles. As a result, you should take a shower and change your clothes to remove any allergens. Also, make sure to leave your shoes at the door.

Eat a healthy diet.
Studies show diets with plenty of nuts, fruits and vegetables reduce allergy issues. Tomatoes, oranges, grapes and apples are most effective. There’s no question that a healthy diet is good for the entire body.

You may find being allergy-free is easier than you thought.

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