Jab Check Helps Make Life Normal Again

Newmarket, ON (CNW) After more than a year of lockdowns and long periods of home confinement, everyone wants – and is ready – to get back to “normal” life. Yet, as travel resumes, large venues reopen, and workplaces welcome back employees, many are wondering: Is there a safe and secure way to ensure someone’s vaccination status?

Enter Jab Check the COVID-19 vaccination verification platform that can be accessed anywhere, from any smartphone.

Developed in partnership with medical industry leaders, Jab Check works with pharmacies to verify that customers have had their vaccines. In addition to being cutting-edge compared to other apps, this approach helps ensure that Jab Check has constant access to the most up-to-date information. Jab Check can also work if you do not have a Smart phone and will still be able to be verified.

Jab Check eliminates the possibility of fraud as anyone being verified is check through the provincial health database and will have the most up to date and accurate information on when and what vaccine an individual has taken.

With Jab Check, anyone who has received their COVID-19 vaccination can prove their status with a simple opening of the app. In fact, the app is already used in beta testing in the UK to ensure COVID-19 vaccine verification in countries like Canada and the United Kingdom, helping countless people regain control of their lives.

“Jab Check was developed to help ensure the safety of the public as we all begin to emerge from more than a year of lockdowns and restrictions,” says Andrew Lane, Chairman of the United Kingdom’s National Pharmacy Association. “Without a doubt, with Jab Check, we can all get back to normal more quickly.”

To learn more about Jab Check or to download the app, click

SOURCE IT Medical Solutions Inc

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