3 Reasons to Shop Small and Local

(NC) Neighbourhood stores and restaurants are at the heart of Canadian communities, providing you with the products and services you need all while keeping things personal, tailored and unique. As a consumer, you can support small businesses in your own community by choosing to shop locally this season. Here are three reasons why:

1. Preserve your community’s uniqueness. Independent businesses bring character, originality and offer variety in a society that’s becoming increasingly homogenized. That special bookstore you’ve been going to since you were a kid is irreplaceable. Help preserve the one-of-a-kind gems of your community.

2. Keep the money local. The more we shop at local independent businesses, the more likely it is that money will stay in the community and be used to create jobs. Local businesses are able to reinvest a significant portion of their revenue back into the local economy, which benefits our families, friends and neighbours.

3. More personalized service. One of the greatest aspects of purchasing from a local shop is that the owner really gets to know you. Small business owners know the products we buy on a regular basis and offer a personal touch as someone who cares more about providing a quality service!

You can visit Shopsmallbiz.ca to find out more about how the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) and Interac are linking Canadians with local small business on Small Business Saturday and throughout the year. This online directory allows Canadians to find valuable offers from small businesses in their area.


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