Family Getting a New Pet? Don’t Forget These Essentials

(NC) A new pet is exciting, and shopping for one should be too. But before you get wrapped up in the must-have accessories like a bed, toys and apparel, there are essential items and services pets require in order to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Food. Many first-time pet parents don’t know pets require different diets or special foods for optimum health. When choosing food, consider your pet’s age, breed, type and health. Also, opt for brands that use high-quality ingredients to deliver the most nutrients. Look to your new pet’s shelter or breeder for recommendations and be sure to consult your vet.

Grooming. Grooming is good for the overall health of your pet. Depending on the type you have, there are various grooming needs. PetSmart recommends professionally grooming your pet every four to six weeks and to commit to one groomer so your pet is familiar and comfortable when they visit. Between appointments, groom your pet yourself when possible.

Cleaning supplies. Accidents happen when training a new pet, which can leave stains and odours. You may already have cleaners at home to wipe up the mess, but most are chemical-based and will only remove the stain. Enzyme-based and pet-specific cleaners will remove stains and neutralize the smell to prevent repeat accidents.

Vet hospital. Pets require scheduled check-ups, so it is important to find a family vet who knows your pet and their individual requirements. It is also important to locate the nearest 24-hour vet hospital in case of emergencies.

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