The Price of Security is Vigilance

Orangeville, ON (Harold Doan and Sons Ltd.) How effective your security solutions are comes down to how effective the controls you have in place are and how vigilant you and your employees are. Alarmed panic hardware on your vulnerable doors, covert surveillance equipment and alert employees are the keys to positive deterrence of theft in your business.

Yet, the alarmed exit hardware on your back door won’t do you an iota of good if you allow the back door to be propped open during warm weather or, be opened without a supervisor present. Your covert surveillance cameras are virtually useless unless they’re adequately monitored.

Inventories of high-end merchandise should be kept on a daily or weekly basis. It’s a great security solution but worthless if you can’t account for discrepancies.

Remember, there are plenty of good security solutions but, the price of real security is constant vigilance.

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