Adjust Your Marketing Routine

Orangeville, ON (My Corner Office) Most people need to take a mental health day from time to time, when they just don’t feel like going through with their usual business routine.

But if this happens a lot with respect to the marketing tasks that you’ve set for yourself, it’s time to pause and reflect. Did you take on tasks that are too boring, too difficult or unpleasant in some other way? If so, perhaps you can outsource those to-dos. Or perhaps you’d do well to find other marketing tasks you feel more attuned to.

Some experts think it’s fine to let those following you know when you haven’t felt like it. They say that increases your perceived authenticity.

That may not be a good idea. If some of those reading or listening to your “haven’t felt like it” post or podcast are potential clients, this legitimately gets them wondering whether you will bail out on their project when you do not feel like it.

It is probably wiser to quietly, without making it a big deal, readjust your marketing routine when you can’t regularly get around to what you’d decided to do.

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