Marketing with Unusual Product Attributes

Orangeville, ON (James Doan) David Sax wrote “The Revenge of Analog” describing some interesting aspects of marketing. He states that customers often discover novel advantages for products. These may seem silly and definitely were not in the minds of the creators of the products. These unexpected benefits often account for the emotional attachment users feel for products and services.

Readers who prefer print magazine say they enjoy the sound of a page crinkling when they turn it. They also have a feeling of accomplishment when finishing an issue.

Board games players enjoy sitting around a table and connecting with other people.

There is a trend among photographers who have embraced refurbished Polaroid instant cameras. They have found value in the blurry unpredictability of the film now available for them.

These odd, unexpected advantages turn up in customer testimonials, focus groups and informal user recommendations or reviews.

Smart marketers don’t highlight these qualities of an offering. It is not good advertising to put the designed product functions in the background. Usually that would seem bizarre.

It is a better idea to sprinkle the odd benefits into testimonials, illustrations or detailed descriptions of the item.

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