Orangeville, ON (Caroline Davis) You are preparing to promote your products and services. You should have a very specific picture of your ideal customers in mind. Be careful not to signal that you don’t welcome other customers. Do not restrict gender, age range, ethnicity or background from your target market.

Nonstereotypical customers can buy – sometimes quite a lot. For example, you may picture video gamers as young males. In fact, women comprise 38 per cent of video game buyers, with one-fourth of buyers over 40. Don’t let assumptions and biases lead you to brush off those in the minority. Audit your images and language to make sure they’re inclusive.

Stock photos on your website could imply that your customers are thin, young, model-attractive and white. Try featuring less typical customers. You can highlight their particular concerns.

A 2017 study by the UK insurance company Sun Life found that 74 per cent of people over 50 felt ignored by mainstream marketing.