Make Sure Your Sales Pitch is Complete

Orangville, ON (James Doan) There are certain vital factors to include when you’re writing a lengthy sales pitch. This applies to both email or online postings. They are easy to overlook but a potential buyer needs to know them. Items I often see left out include:

* What is it? Have you been explicit and unambiguous about the kind of thing you’re selling? Whether it is a CD or DVD, bracelet or earrings, online or in-person conference?

* How will a buyer be better off with this offering? It is easy to promote all the cool, nitty-gritty features. But you may neglect big-picture benefits. These could include fewer hassles, greater earning power, more quality time with the kids.

* Who is “I”? New subscribers or first-time web visitors won’t know who “I” refers to unless you tell them who “you” are.

* Why should we believe you? Credibility boosters like testimonials, media accolades, years in business provide reassurance.

* How much and how can people pay? Don’t make the price hard to find, and name the methods of payment accepted.

* But what about ___? Your presentation isn’t complete until you’ve imagined and headed off customer worries and doubts. Also mention how people can get questions answered.

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