Orangeville, ON (My Corner Office) When you have a cheering squad for your blog, or followers who eagerly read each missive you send them, it’s easy to forget that the world at large doesn’t necessarily share their attitudes – or yours. You’ll be tempted to dismiss someone who posts or sends severe disagreement as the rant of a crank.

The dynamics are quite different for a book or for an article by you in a publication or blog for a general audience. In such cases, there’s less self-selection. People approach your content without knowing much about you, being pre-aligned with your perspective or already being fans.

What I’ve seen happen numerous times is a well-intentioned, sincere author getting slammed in highly personal ways from unexpected angles, accused of being spoiled, rigid, cowardly, covertly racist or outright delusional.

To temper the shock of this happening to you:

  1. )Head off predictable criticisms within your content;
  2. )Choose outlets where more people are likely to be open to your message; and
  3. )Steel yourself against detractors, knowing that you will have also inspired new admirers and many who agree.