Dealing With Unethical Competition

Orangeville, ON (James Doan) There are times when you will find yourself in competition with questionable businesses. Do not resort to denigrating or smearing them. instead, try these effective marketing tactics:

You can offer a free report detailing things to look for when hiring a ____. In it, describe the unethical factors. Explain why they are misleading, shoddy, fraudulent or contrary to the reader’s values. Do not name names. End by mentioning that your firm passes all the criteria, and inviting the reader to check you out.

Get testimonials from customers describing the reasons for their disappointment with other businesses. Have them explain why they now deal with you.

In all your marketing efforts, you should highlight your ethics front and center. Then back that up with as much evidence as you can.

Don’t focus on your disreputable competitor. Instead create a clear portrait for yourself of your ideal client. Then direct your marketing to him or her. When you polish your distinctiveness enough, it can make competition irrelevant. Ideal customers want you and only you.

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