Orangeville, ON (My Corner Office) Being interviewed by a blogger, book author or reporter represents an important publicity opportunity. If you’re asked whether you’d rather do it by email, phone or Zoom, consider these factors.

By email you can say what you think the way you’d really like to say it. Writing takes more time than talking off the cuff. But introverts, who like to think through what they’ll say, often prefer this mode of response.

By phone or Zoom, an interview will be more like a conversation than a legal deposition. Through back-and-forth exchanges, insights can emerge that you wouldn’t have thought to write. If you’re an extrovert who discovers what you think by talking, you’ll probably prefer phone or Zoom.

Some journalists dislike email interviews as dry, colourless, and overly controlled by the interviewee. By email, you’re unlikely to blurt something you regret saying, and your chances of being misquoted go way down. You also don’t have to straighten up as you might for Zoom. Time differences aren’t a factor, either.

Yet for personality-driven or nuanced stories, the phone and Zoom yield best results.