A Better Way to Build Self Confidence

Orangeville, ON (James Doan) Some success coaches suggest a questionable cure for low self-confidence. Pretend you’re super-competent and have it all together. Over time, your make-believe becomes reality.

Believing your own fakery can get you into serious trouble. You could even land in situations you lack the experience to handle. Yet not believing what you’re pretending usually perpetuates self-doubt and self-sabotage.

Also note that incompetence shows itself eventually.

Instead, if you’re low on confidence, look for low-risk ways to prove yourself. This way you can gather up reality-based self-assurance. If you are working to improve your writing skills, approach companies or nonprofits in your community. Offer to write something they need in exchange for an honest testimonial. When this works out, you will feel much better about your abilities and have the courage to set up shop and charge fees.

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