Personalize the Emails to Your Customers

Orangeville, ON (My Corner Office) Email personalization has long meant robotically inserting your customer’s name into the subject line. A research report from Yes Lifecycle Marketing shows, however, that personalization can be far more meaningful.

Marriott used an email subject line like “You’re 2 nights away from Silver Elite status” to members of its rewards program.

Other subject line personalizations in the report include the recipient’s insurance expiration date, their favored sports team, the car make and model owned, or the name of the company representative the customer had dealt with.

Elsewhere I discovered a dog walking company that injected the customer’s dog’s name into the subject line (“Want a Custom Emoji of Ridley?”), a language learning site that wrote, “Thanks for being one of our top 100 users,” and an airline that saluted the customer (on the correct day) with “Happy Birthday!” and a gift.

In studies by Chadwick Martin Bailey, 47 percent of email recipients decide whether to open an email based solely on the subject line. Relevance to the recipient is an important element in that. Explore what data you have that might spark attention and delight.


  1. It’s no secret that certain times of day prove to be better than others for sending emails. Your customers might love getting an email at 8:00 a.m., or they might respond better when getting one at 5:00 p.m. Either way, you should A/B test this and find the optimum time to send your emails.

    However, it’s likely that not all your customers are in one location or respond to emails at the same time. They may be all around the world, scattered across different time zones, and possibly receiving your emails at non-optimal times.

    You can use your customers’ data to send your emails at the best times.


  2. You need to take email personalization further. Grab your subscriber’s attention. Offer relevant content. If your content doesn’t affect your reader, your email has a high chance of ending up in the trash box.

    You must gather enough data about your subscriber. You then know what kind of content they need at a particular stage of their customer journey with you.

    If they search for a particular topic or solution on your website, you gain insight into what they need at that point. You can then craft and send them a timely email.


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