Focus on Your Strengths

Orangeville, ON (My Corner Office) “Be vulnerable with your followers. Share your struggles, your fears, your mistakes. People will like and trust you more, and your business will grow.”

This popular advice makes little sense.

Certainly you don’t want to come across as a know-it-all who always nails success. But that doesn’t mean you should unload about your worst moments or deepest doubts.

Vulnerability involves aspects of life where you’re not centred, where you’re not your best self. Yet if you get paid for your expertise, you need to be grounded in reality, honest about your limitations and confident about what you know. Clients deserve to get help from someone who’s not knocked off balance.

Why would people be more interested in hiring you if you discussed uncertainties you’re feeling or situations where you messed up? “True confessions” are a totally different matter from how empathetic you are with clients.

Don’t dwell on fears, doubts or mistakes. Instead, look for solutions. Don’t let struggles be a part of your mindset.

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  1. As your audience’s mentor, it’s your job to communicate the purpose of your content with clarity.

    Tie every statement you make to your point. You never leave your audience stranded without a reference. They should feel secure in your created reality, not lost.

    You could also think of your point as the moral of your story.

    In the end, if a story doesn’t serve, it can sound like rambling, a diary entry, or even gossip.


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