Develop a Full Service Sales Staff

Mono, ON (Adam Jones) Revenue generating professionals fall into three main categories. They can be order takers, salespeople, and subject matter experts. It doesn’t matter which one you think you might be. What does matter is what role you want when you are a customer seeking to solve a problem.

If you are like most people, you want the subject matter expert. This means that the role of the salesperson is changing. Customers don’t have to put up with the back-slapping, boisterous, stereotypical salesperson.

Subject matter experts are the people who set up a meeting that the customer would be willing to pay for. But, those experts might not have the necessary skills to complete a complex sale.

Managing the sales process today requires solid project management skills. The sales person must pay great attention to detail and be able to follow-through. Companies seeking rapid growth will invest in developing skills that help their experts. By helping their clients solve more challenges, they will serve as trusted advisors.

These experts will wear many hats. The top companies will establish a consistent, simple approach everyone can embrace. This will improve your customer service.

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  1. A true expert never stops cultivating knowledge, sharing their skills, and learning from others along the way. If you are truly an expert in customer service, you’re probably always on the lookout for the latest news and insights in the customer service space.


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