An Introduction to High Security Locks

Orangeville, ON (Harold Doan and Sons Ltd.) Unless you look at tax laws and think “pff, childs’ play!” you’re probably looking to make things in your life a bit easier. We can help, by helping you make high security locks simple in three ways.

Definition: A high security lock cylinder is one which offers a greater degree of resistance to any or all of the following: picking, impressioning, key duplication, drilling or other forms of forcible entry.

Pick- and Drill-Resistant Cylinders: These cylinders have such features as hardened steel plates and/or pins to resist drilling, plus specially designed pins and/or interaction of the key, pins and cylinder to resist picking.

Key Control Cylinders: A key control cylinder is a cylinder that offers a great degree of protection from unauthorized key duplication. This can be accomplished from patented keys or special proprietary key sections from manufacturers and distributors.

The high security market is a prestigious part of our industry. It creates long-term relationships and a sense of trust with our customers.

Each manufacturer has a different approach to high security/key control. As security consultants we strive to give our customers the right product, at the right price to meet their needs.

Harold Doan and Sons Ltd is a professional mobile locksmith, serving Orangeville, Dufferin County and the surrounding area. Call us to help you find good, solid, workable security solutions. Solutions that allow you to proactively protect your premises and the assets on those premises. Better security is part of our Security Solutions package customized to your specific security needs.

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