Orangeville, ON (My Corner Office) The following two well-known quotes both have something in common. Can you name the similarity? They both have a similar structure. However, there is a remarkable twist at the end.

“Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

“We make money the old-fashioned way: We earn it.” – Smith Barney (investment firm)

This structure is also commonly found in jokes and company slogans that capture the popular imagination, commonly called a “kicker.” In your marketing copy or blog post, you can use this to create a pleasing surprise. It makes the most impact when it is added at the end of a paragraph or at the end of a whole article.

If you place the most important element of a message at the end, even if the message is mundane, the message will have a greater impact. 

BEFORE:  “We’ll reprint your order for free if it’s less than 100% accurate.”
AFTER:  “If your order is less than 100% accurate, we’ll reprint it for free.”

BEFORE:  “Your overload of stress will lift once you learn to disengage from knee-jerk reactions about money.”
AFTER:  “Once you learn to disengage from knee-jerk reactions about money, your overload of stress will lift.”