The Best Marketing Strategy is to Never Stop Marketing

Orangeville, ON (James Doan) Jeff Somers boasts of his victory in an article in Writer’s Digest. In this article, he praises himself for overcoming a crisis when he lost a big client who represented more than half of his income. Initially, he was unwilling to regularly take on new clients. However, as soon as he realized the risk involved in losing such a sizable part of his income, he started looking for new clients more aggressively.  

Those strategies do not make sense to me.

The mindset that one has to “find” clients makes income stability a lot more challenging than it should be. In my opinion, it would be beneficial to keep bait constantly set out that will attract new customers rather than hunting them down like prey. Despite a full workload, you remain dedicated to blogging, blogging videos, presenting at conferences, and so forth. Content like this is largely what attracts new clients and customers once it is created.

The essence of successful marketing is to always set up the stage for opportunities to present themselves.

Additionally, if you incorporate multiple income sources, you can always have a safety net, since they will never all be lost at the same time. That’s how crises are prevented.

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