Build Trust in Your Website with this Checklist

Orangeville, ON (James Doan) Up-to-the-minute thrillers now sometimes include a scene where schemers concoct a fake company, complete with a pretty website and false backstory. Potential customers know this kind of scam is possible. That’s why you must provide as many “this is real” signals as you can to earn the confidence of skittish shoppers.

Effective trust builders include:

  • Actual phone numbers and street addresses
  • An unformulaic “About Us” page containing both facts and values or attitudes
  • Photos with an authentic rather than stock-photo feel
  • Interactive social media accounts and user reviews
  • Videos of company personnel or the products in action
  • Links to media coverage
  • Client list or case studies
  • Detailed Frequently Asked Questions (with answers)
  • Original article, blog or video content that makes unexpected points
  • Invitation to get in touch if one has questions
  • So-called trust logos, such as from McAfee, TRUSTe or the Better Business Bureau
  • Absence of broken links, outdated information, sleazy ads and typos

Implement at least several of the measures above and visitors to your website will quickly understand that you are a legitimate business.

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