Orangeville, ON (James Doan) Not long ago, I woke up realizing that I had not optimized the previous two days’ work on my website. It wasn’t as user friendly as it could and should be. I’d need to do it over.

The temptation is to ignore that kind of thought. It is possible to reason that most people wouldn’t care about the gap between how it was and how it could and should be.

But when you know you did something subpar, you can’t ignore it. If you develop a habit of such disregard, eventually things will go wrong in your business (or your life).

Instead, do the redo. Then think about changes to enable you to reach the right level of quality with your first effort next time.

This sort of decision to redo the work isn’t perfectionism. It’s not trying to reach flawlessness. It’s not anxiety that you haven’t measured up. It has to do with what customers deserve. Quality that you can definitely achieve. An ethic that lets you be content with yourself.