Take a Personal Approach to your Emails

Orangeville, ON (Caroline Davis) Every new subscriber to MarketingProfs‘ newsletter who writes to describe their reasons for signing up receives a personalized response from Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer. “That is me – not a bot or an assistant or a script,” she says. “The hour or two a week I spend corresponding with readers often leads to opportunities. And even when it doesn’t, it helps me understand what readers value.”  

Handley emphasizes that while growth often occurs by reducing “human fingerprints” from one’s operations, the opposite can also be true.

A similar situation occurred to me when I emailed an editor of a newsletter about too many typos in one issue, and he replied with a few friendly questions. Afterward, an extended exchange took place, which led to paid writing for his company for two years.  We both benefited from not delegating or automating that correspondence.

Many business and lifestyle coaches believe that answering your own email makes you appear insignificant.  I believe that exaggerating your importance makes you appear pretentious, rather than efficient.

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