4 Tips to Help Your Pet Live a Longer, Healthier Life

(NC) Dogs are family. The moment a dog enters your home, they become a part of your family unit. And just like any family member, you want to keep them as healthy as possible to ensure they live their longest, happiest life.

Here are four things you can do to stay on top of your dog’s health:

1. Keep them active. All dogs need their exercise. If you live in a rural area, take a walk in the woods. If you’re a city dweller, a dog park or stroll around the block will do the trick. Remember, the amount of exercise depends on your dog’s age and breed.

2. Stick to your vet visits. Just like your annual checkup with your doctor, make sure you schedule your dog’s vet visits like clockwork to help detect any diseases or health problems early on.

3. Feed them a high-quality diet. Study the food’s ingredient label, and ask: is there real meat, poultry or fish? Does it contain antioxidants? Is the formula 100 per cent complete and balanced? Purina One is a great example of food that checks all these boxes.

4. Monitor visible signs of health. You can tell a lot about a dog’s health by looking at it. Regularly check your dog for bright eyes, good digestion, strong teeth, healthy gums, an eagerness to eat, high energy, a beautiful coat and healthy skin.

Keep your dog’s health top of mind to help decrease the chances of any serious issues as they get older, helping to extend the years you have together. Learn how to monitor your dog’s health with One Score at purinaone.ca.


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