Orangeville, ON (Jason Mead) On, I noticed an author I greatly admire was teaching a three-hour writing class. Sweet! However, I couldn’t just pay for her course when I signed up. It only had one option: $180 for a year’s worth of classes with celebrities and experts.

If I liked one class, MasterClass thought I’d love a year-long subscription. Although I browsed their offerings, not one other class caught my eye. By not allowing a la carte purchases, or a subscription like Netflix, they lost me.

Typically, when companies bundle disparate items, the collection costs less than its parts separately. Instead of buying a beach towel ($12), sunscreen ($8) and hat ($15), you can get the “Fun in the Sun” package deal for $22. This is a pretty good deal if you want all three items. Having to buy all three to get sunscreen would leave you feeling a little burned.