Tips for Scale Model Windows

Orangeville, ON (James Doan) Polishing kits can remove slight blemishes or scratches in a kit supplied windshield. An alternative is gentle polishing with toothpaste followed by a thin application of Crisco.

Artist’s acetate, found in most art supply stores, makes great scale windows. It has the correct scale thickness and can be bent to most window shapes.

Exposed and processed black and white film is useful for making tinted windows for slammers with no interiors. Use the existing windows as a pattern for cutting out the proper shapes.

Use white glue or clear enamel to install clear-plastic windows. Unlike super glue or styrene model cement, enamel or white glue will not fog the clear plastic.

Scale sunvisors can be drawn on, and cut from, thin sheet plastic.

Tinting windshields
To give your scale windshield a top tint, use Clear Blue acrylic, slightly thinned. Carefully fog the paint over the top quarter of the windshield. Apply light coats to avoid runs and consequent dark spots. Several thin coats work better than one or two heavier coats.

Once you are comfortable with the shade of blue, let the paint dry overnight. Acrylic dries as hard as lacquer if left alone for a bit, so give the paint time to dry completely.

When dry, use some metal polish to smooth the surface and eliminate overspray. Follow up with plastic polish and a soft cloth to shine up the windshield surface.

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