There May be Unintended Consequences to Your Actions

Mono, ON (Adam Jones) In a recent opinion piece, Cathy Merrill, CEO of Washingtonian Media, discussed how she envisions the post-pandemic return to the workplace. According to her, those who preferred to continue working at home would lose out on camaraderie-building “extras” such as mentoring others and celebrating birthdays, and therefore would be at risk of becoming contractors without benefits, or losing their jobs altogether.

It was interpreted by her employees as a threat, and they went on strike for a day. Many other media outlets commented on the event, with the majority of them criticizing Merrill.

Merrill expressed regret for the reaction, telling blogger Erik Wemple, “Everyone needs an editor. I wish I had run my piece by mine.”.

Every individual has blind spots. However, we do not have to suffer because of them. Get reactions from people you trust first when you are about to post something controversial. Instead of asking “Did you like this?” or “Do you agree?”, ask rather “Can this be easily misconstrued?” or “Will this offend people I do not mean to offend?” or “Will this possibly expose me to criticism that I do not deserve?” If this is the case, make necessary corrections.

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