Orangeville, ON (James Doan) We all want to be happy. Everyone seeks appreciation. We all wish to be noticed. We all wish to be applauded. Everyone wants to be considered an honorable and lovely person. Getting this certificate from friends, family, and partners is something we all look forward to. It makes us happy. We feel better about ourselves. Suddenly, we’re more confident. Now we feel much better about ourselves.

You want it, how do you get it? It’s our turn to make other people happy. If no one is praising us, praise them. Do what you want others to do to you. Even the smallest victories deserve love, affection, appreciation, and apologies. Could this work? It’ll help right away. First thing we feel after doing a kind deed is satisfaction. This makes us feel pleased. Making others happy makes us happy. Let’s take control of our lives by giving everything we want, instead of asking for it.

When we praise others, what will happen to them? It’ll make them feel satisfied. They will be happy with us. And they’ll like us even more. Maybe they’ll do something for us. Maybe they’ll do everything we’ve asked for. Make them happy, and they’ll make us happy. It’s the quickest way to happiness.

A happy state of mind is when you feel positive about yourself. You’re happy with life and your circumstances. We don’t want to remain unhappy in life, we want to be happy. Without happiness, life is a burden. So why not set a goal to be happy every day?