Working Around Your Fears

Orangeville, ON (Jason Mead) Some business coaches advocate a belief that fear is the source of all your reluctance to perform. Many in this group suggest that you should condition yourself to act anyway, despite your fears. Yet others recommend eliminating the fear. Some suggest that you find an alternative route to your goal that avoids or circumvents the fear.

Consider cold calling as an example. There are hundreds of thousands of articles on Google that explain how to overcome your fear of calling strangers. This is typically a result of fear of rejection and fear of the unknown, say the coaches. 

However, some clients have told me it is not fear but revulsion that prevents them from making cold calls. This does not mean they are cowards. In fact, they simply do not wish to subject others to what they dislike.

If there is something you have been advised to do, but really, really don’t wish to do, consider whether you want to do it. Perhaps you are trapped by the fear of the unknown. Or maybe not. Consider whether some value of yours is at stake instead of fear when determining whether “I don’t want to” includes a “Yuck!”.

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  1. The key to getting better at cold-calling is to simply get more accustomed to it, so your body does not perceive fear. The more accustomed you are to cold-calling, the more confident you’ll be, which creates a more productive self-fulfilling prophecy. Granted, while confidence doesn’t always lead to success, it is often a prerequisite for it.


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